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Candy Clouds Chillum Kit

Explore the perfect companion for your on-the-go smoking adventures with our hand made and curated Chillum Kits. We have a kit that complements your unique style and enhances your portable smoking experience.

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Candy Clouds Handmade Stuff

We meticulously craft smoking pieces with thoughtfulness, passion and emotion. Unlike ordinary products found in stores, each of our one-of-a-kind creations transforms plain smoking accessories into beautiful and unique art pieces. Elevate your smoking experience with these beautiful pieces.

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Candy Clouds Roach Clip and Poker Sets

You don't realize how much you need a pipe poker and a roach clip until you start using bobby pins and toothpicks to clean our your pipe. And roach clips? Some of still prefer smoking that requires a roach clip. Get your one-of-kind Roach Clip and Poker set today.

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  • Events

    Candy Clouds believes in the power of unity and has brought the community unforgettable events that inspires a sense of joy, healing, and collaboration. From showcasing unsceen local musicians/artist, to collaborating with local artist with our Puff and Paint events, and putting on markets. We curate events that only bring positive vibes and foster productive meetups among like-minded individuals. Stay tuned for upcoming events that you won't want to miss.

  • Awareness & Support

    Life has its share of challenges and untold stories. We recognize the struggles of navigating the world as an underdog. Candy Clouds, strives to collaborate with other small businesses, families, and individuals by offering diverse forms of support. Through our journey we have been blessed to build a network of compassionate resources. Whether it's guidance on starting a business, navigating life with limited resources, embracing motherhood, or addressing mental health, our goal is to be a resource for those wanting to change their narrative. While we currently don't have an official non-profit program, it is our hope for the future. In the meantime, it's a top priority for us to incorporate giving back to the community in everything we do.

  • Education

    As we entered the cannabis scene, our focus on only providing aesthetically pleasing products expanded into a bigger responsibility: educating others on cannabis laws, available products, and promoting awareness of the life-saving benefits cannabis offers. The ongoing stigma, especially among demographics like mothers, the elderly, and those in non-legal states, along with the strict laws, made us realize how important the need for education within our cannabis community is. We aim to share the health benefits, stories of healing and education around the products that are out there. We want people to have an amazing experience with cannabis because we know the potential it has to change peoples lives in many ways. Today we actively collaborate with industry experts to provide accurate information on cannabis consumption and associated laws.

    Stay tuned for upcoming podcasts and collaborations as we empower individuals to make informed decisions in the cannabis world.

About Candy Clouds

Rana, the owner and founder of Candy Clouds, journey began in California's Bay Area and led her to over a decade in Guam before settling in Texas.Transforming from a single mother dependent on government assistance to an accomplished tech expert with 15 years of experience, Rana's story is one of resilience and growth.  Her transition from the corporate world to the cannabis industry was driven by a desire to address the lack of female representation.

In November 2020, she launched Candy Clouds in San Antonio, Texas.  The brand, known for its unique, feminine, and artistic smoking accessories, made its debut in the local art scene through pop-ups in downtown San Antonio.  Rana's deepening engagement with the art community fueled her ambition to support emerging artists.

Candy Clouds stands out for its commitment to creating distinct and elegant smoking accessories.  The brand is a celebration of freedom from rigid corporate norms, with a focus on transparency, universal love, and collective healing.  Candy Clouds also champions alternative healing methods, aiming to fill voids in mental health care by forming strategic partnerships.

Candy Clouds has marked its presence on Instagram @candyclouds.official and in 16 stores across San Antonio, and expanding into other states like New Mexico.  

Rana's narrative is a beacon of hope and encouragement, not just for single mothers and women but for anyone bravely pursuing their dreams against all odds.

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